Poole & Sandbanks, Dorset

Ilenia Frandi AfN Registered Human and
Sport Nutritionist & REP’s Level 3
Personal Trainer, based in Poole & Sandbanks, Dorset

Nutrition Advice
Check Ins
Diet Plan
Fitness Plan


– MSC Human Nutrition (Sport)

– BSc Sport Science

– REP’s Personal Trainer Level 3

– REP’s Gym Instructor Level 2

The passion for sport, nutrition and health has been a large component of my life.

I believe in holistic approach, were mind and body must be integrated to achieve whole person wellbeing.

I started playing volleyball at age of 8, I was a semi professional volleyball player, I have been laying in the UK National League and in Italy, where I come from. As an athlete I started developing my interest in the fields of sport and
nutrition and I decided to study this subject in depth, completing a Degree and a Master Degree in Sport and Nutrition in the UK.

I then decided to pass my knowledge to others, teaching how to become the better version of themselves, whatever their goal is: lose weight, tone up, train for a specific event, a new body composition, increase energy level, learn how to eat healthy or improve knowledge about sport and nutrition. I am here to help your journey become true.

Initial Consultation and Delivery Plan

Part 1 – History & Measurements

During the initial consultation, your measurements will be taken:

Body composition
Body circumferences

And your history:

Allergies and medical history
Your current diet
Your level of physical activity
What do you like and dislike
Current diet and lifestyle

Part 2 – Goal setting

Once I’ve collected the information, I’m ready to analyse the data and build a perfect personalised plan for you, either nutritional or fitness or both.

Part 3 – Results

Ready to start, the plan will be delivered to you, this is a full educational process that you can use for the rest of your life!

Keep up to date with my blog…

Recipe ideas, workout ideas and client transformations are all on the blog!

Have a question? Drop me an email and I will get in contact.

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Personal Diet plan depending on your physical characteristics

Body measurements

Weekly Health Checks

24/7 support

Improve your knowledge for a Healthy Lifestyle


Health & Nutrition for Athletes

Personal Nutrition advice and diet plan for Athletes depending on their discipline and level

Programme is based on the athlete’s preferences, work and lifestyle

Optimal nutrition, increase energy and performance, before, during and after exercise

Weekly Health Checks & 24/7 Support

Improve your knowledge on Body Measurements

Personal Fitness Plan

Personal Fitness plan built around you:

Tone up

Loose weight

Gain muscle mass

Improve performance

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